The hosting company that cares.

cloudabove started as a Cornish telecomms business in 2011.

We watched other small business owners struggle with frustration, stress and lost business thanks to slow responses, hidden costs, and lack of communication from their big-name hosting providers.

In 2014 we decided to use our server management and hosting infrastructure knowledge to do things differently.

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First and foremost Making your life easier

Unlike other providers, our calm and exceptionally friendly hands-on approach comes as standard however small your business. We know your business is your livelihood so keep transparency at the heart of what we do.

Honesty Advice without a price.

Nothing is based on commission - we simply won't upsell or recommend unnecessary upgrades or services and will happily recommend other solutions.

We don't increase prices for existing customers either. It is important you feel you can approach us without fear of being missold something.

Value No hidden costs. Ever.

All our plans are inclusive.

There are no paid addons or hidden costs for what we feel should be standard features.

They're ready for the future too - we continually improve and upgrade services to keep them current.

Speed Hear from a human in 10 minutes.

We're quick. Our average response time is typically less than 10 minutes and we answer the phone in a couple of rings.

You won't have to fight through different departments or support levels to get an answer, keeping the amount of time you're waiting for help to an absolute minimum.


Carbon conscious since the start

We're based in Cornwall - a magnificent coastal area of the UK, and we'd like to keep it that way!

Actively choosing to minimise our impact on the planet, we switched our infrastructure in 2013 to 100% renewable energy, we use power-efficient servers, reuse servers wherever we can and in 2020 we started planting trees through Ecologi for every single order.

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Your support team People who keep things running smoothly.

We're a bunch of technology enthusiasts based in sunny1 Newquay, Cornwall, with backgrounds in web development, networking and IT customer service.

When we're not working, we'll be on the beach1, in the countryside, playing video games or tinkering with tech.

1 When it's not misty, foggy, mizzly, drizzly, rainy and/or windy Let's talk

Don't take our word for it

Since the start, we've simply wanted to make someone's day easier or their project more successful.

Fast, competitive web hosting and worry-free, reliable service have earned us a flawless, five-star reputation for just that.

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The architecture Behind the scenes

We have three UK datacentres based in London, Manchester and Maidenhead — all with a minimum of N+1 redundant power, cooling and connectivity.

Our private, custom-built, fully redundant cloud uses industry-leading storage technology (StorPool) and enterprise-grade Dell, HP ProLiant and Supermicro servers fitted with the latest Intel Xeon and AMD EPYC processors.

  • StorageTriple-replicated solid state storage

    Our cloud web hosting's storage is capable of handling no less than 250,000 transactions per second — that's at least 25 × faster than the traditional SSD storage used by most hosts. Every byte of data is triple-replicated over multiple storage servers, ensuring your data is fully protected against hardware failure or corruption.

  • TechnologyAlways be on the cutting edge

    By using cloud based architecture, we can continually improve & upgrade your hosting's infrastructure without any downtime. This means your hosting always be running from the very latest enterprise servers from Dell, HP ProLiant and Supermicro.

  • ResiliencySelf-healing hosting

    Whether it's a server fault or human error — problems happen, but it's how we both prepare for and react to those problems that matter the most. Every part of our cloud is continually monitored and if a problem is detected, our cloud will automatically self-heal in a matter of minutes.

  • Scalable Never be a victim of your own success

    Whether it's a niche blog or an established ecommerce store, our cloud hosting is capable of providing you with the resources you need to run your website. We've carefully designed our services so that there's a clear, straight forward upgrade path that flows with the natural growth of your venture.

  • Networking Over 10 Gigabytes per second of connectivity

    Each server in our cloud is plumbed into our 10 Gbps BGP network which redundantly spans between Manchester and London. Our core network takes transit from Tier 1 Internet Service Providers (ISPs) giants such as Cogent, NTT & GTT Communications and uses the latest routers/switches from industry leaders such as Juniper, Cisco and HP.

  • FacilitiesTier III+ data centres

    Both datacentres in London and Manchester are Tier III+ and provide us with a 100% uptime Service Level Agreement for both power and cooling. Our servers are powered by dual feeds which are in turn supplied from independent Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) solutions, which completely mitigates the risk of power loss.