Effortlessly host, optimise & launch sites with Scout

Free with every server, Scout is our in-house hosting control panel that's fast and easy to use.

Scout is all-inclusive with built-in staging, SSL, security, backups and site optimisation. Easily manage all of your sites on your cloud servers from a single dashboard.

  • Staging & Cloning

    Speed up development with Scout's cloning tool. No DNS, SSL or URL fuss, it's all handled for you.

  • Git integration

    Pair a site with a Git repo to easily deploy your apps. Push-to-deploy is supported too!

  • Manage WordPress

    Instantly see WordPress' health, seamlessly login to the dashboard or enable Scout's optimisation features.

  • Laravel management

    Manage your Supervisor queues, run artisan commands & view general information on your app.

  • Easy file access

    SSH access with WP-CLI, Composer & Git, plus SFTP and a convenient File Manager for quick file editing.

  • Let's Encrypt & SSL

    Automatic SSL with Let's Encrypt, built-in HSTS support and a Mixed Content hotfix tool make SSL easy.

Instantly Faster Websites

Accelerate your site performance with Scout's lean hosting stack, built-in site optimisation features and our latest generation cloud servers.

Full page & database caching

Simply toggle on Scout's server-side caching to instantly improve your site's response time without any changes needed to your site.

Automatic WebP image optimisation

Effortlessly switch to the next generation WebP image format with Scout's automatic image optimisation. No coding, plugins or third-party services needed.

Refreshingly Simple & Quick

Setting up a project, site cloning, optimisation, security & backups in just a click or two – Scout has all the features you need, where you need them to be.

Create a new site with SSL in under 10 seconds

Reduce development friction with Scout's project wizard that will setup hosting, install WordPress & issue a certificate to a temporay URL in seconds.

No server management skills required

Scout automatically monitors & cares for your server and provides you with an easy to use firewall and software management dashboard.

Secure And Stable

Scout's always-on security protects your sites from unwanted bot traffic, brute force attacks and malware.

Easily hide your development & staging sites

With a single click, Scout will automatically enable password protection (with IP exemptions) and discourage crawling on your development/staging sites.

Keeping bots at bay

Bad bots account for 42% of global Internet traffic. Scout keeps unwelcome bots away from your sites, dramatically reducing your server's load.

A Few Of Your Questions Answered

Feel free to reach out to our friendly team if you have any questions about Scout or the services we provide

Absolutely, we'll be more than happy to setup a free trial of any of our server plans with Scout. Simply contact us about your project/website(s) and we'll get a server setup for you to test.

There's no limit on the number of websites you can host or any of Scout's features, our services are all-inclusive (we don't believe in "extras" or upselling). The only limiting factor is the capacity of your cloud server, and we're here to help you select the perfect server plan for your project or website.

With Scout's extensive built-in site optimisation features and efficient design, you can host more websites on a single server than with traditional control panel options like cPanel or Plesk.

If your website traffic is increasing or you want to take your site's performance to the next level and you've exhausted all optimisation options, upgrading to a cloud server with Scout is the ideal solution.

We're here to help you make the right decision when it comes to your hosting, so please don't hesitate to contact us and we'll be happy to talk you through the options available.

Absolutely. All of our hosting & server plans include our comprehensive migration service, we'll manage the entire process and at a date/time that's best for you.

We understand that the concept of moving your hosting can be worrying, so please don't hesitate to contact us if you would like to discuss the process in more depth.

All of Scout's features

  • Performance

    • Full page caching
    • WebP image optimisation
    • JavaScript optimisation
    • Redis database caching
    • Static asset compression
    • Browser caching
    • WordPress cron control
    • PHP OPcache
  • Security

    • Server firewall
    • App firewall (WAF)
    • Bad bot blocker
    • Bruteforce protection
    • Configurable rate limiting
    • Site password protection
    • Site isolation
    • Automatic server updates
  • Let's Encrypt & SSL

    • Free & unlimited SSL
    • HTTP to HTTPS redirection
    • Mixed Content fixer
    • HSTS configuration
  • WordPress

    • Single click installer
    • Cloning & staging
    • Dashboard single sign-on
    • Vulnerability scanner
    • Site health overview
    • Cron control
    • XML-RPC protection
    • Debugging mode
  • Backups

    • Daily offsite backups
    • Quick snapshot backups
    • Easily restore files/databases
    • Download snapshots
  • Supported apps

    • WordPress
    • WooCommerce
    • Magento 1.x & 2.x
    • Laravel
    • Drupal
    • Joomla
    • OpenCart
    • PrestaShop
  • Software

    • PHP versions 5.6 to 8.2
    • MySQL 8 or MariaDB 10.x
    • phpMyAdmin
    • Composer, npm & git
    • Elasticsearch
    • nginx web server
    • Redis object storage
  • File management

    • Site/database cloning
    • SFTP/SSH access
    • File manager
    • Git manager
    • Public key manager
  • Debugging

    • Site access/error logs
    • Reset file/folder permissions
    • WordPress debugging mode
  • General features

    • Temporary site URLs
    • Site previewer
    • Redirect manager
    • Cron job manager
    • Canonical domain redirect
    • Bot/crawling discouragement
  • Server management

    • Health & stats overview
    • Issue self-healing & reporting
    • Firewall management
    • Restart services
    • Install & manage PHP
    • Elasticsearch management
    • View backup health & stats
  • Laravel

    • App information
    • Run migrations
    • Bring app up or down
    • Restart the queue(s)
    • Clear Laravel caches
    • Supervisor management

Compare Our Scout Cloud Server Plans

Experience exceptional out-of-the-box performance with any of our server plans.

Upgrade to our Managed plan for added peace of mind with hourly backups and 24/7 pro-active website monitoring.


Cloud Server

Cloud servers that deliver outstanding performance at an unbeatable value

  • 2 × Intel® Xeon® or AMD vCPUs
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 30 GB SSD Storage
  • Daily backups
  • Green energy, trees planted & CO2 offset

Managed Cloud Server

Expertly tailored cloud servers for established businesses and ecommerce

  • 2 × Premium Intel® Xeon® vCPUs
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 40 GB NVMe Storage
  • Green energy, trees planted & CO2 offset
  • + Hourly & daily backups
  • + 24/7 pro-active site monitoring
  • + Free temporary CPU/memory scaling

Zero Licence Fee

Scout & all features are included with every one of our server plans