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Domain Registration cost
(per year)
management £7.20 FREE
.uk £7.20 FREE £7.20 FREE £7.20 FREE
.com £8.99 £8.99
.net £8.99 £8.99
.org £8.99 £8.99

All prices exclude VAT at 20%

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Register a domain with us and we'll plant a tree with Ecologi to ensure your project is off to a sustainable start.

  • Privacy as standard

    All domains registered or transferred to us will be automatically opted out of the WHOIS database for no extra cost.

  • Free web forwarding & DNS

    Easily redirect your domain to another website or service with our easy to use web forwarding and DNS management tools.

  • Unlimited email forwarding

    Add a professional touch to your business with branded email addresses that automatically forward to your personal address or colleagues.

Whilst .uk registrations are free to transfer, most other domains need to be renewed for 1 year when they're moved between hosting companies and the transfer fee simply covers the cost of renewing the domain as part of this. It's basically the equivalent of renewing the domain early (you don't lose any time on the domain).

If you're considering moving your hosting to us, there's no obligation to transfer your domains — it's absolutely fine to have your domain(s) with one provider and hosting with another to avoid any transfer/early renewal fee.

Our registration, transfer and renewal fees are the same and rarely change. Unlike many hosting companies, our pricing is completely transparent, we don't offer misleading introductory rates that are immediately followed by expensive renewals.

No, we don't charge any administrative fees for outbound transfers — you're free to transfer your domains to any provider without penalty. Your new provider may charge you a transfer fee (depending on the domain) but we would never charge you for leaving us.

Our pricing is only ever increased if the registry themselves increase the cost of registering/renewing a domain. Typically this happens every 3-5 years and the increase is minimal (less than £2). We would never use the excuse of a registry cost increase to dramaticaly increase your renewal costs (a practice that's far too commmon with many providers).